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Once you've got the hang of reviewing books, you'll want to develop a site or niche where you can publish your work yourself, such as a fan page or a blog.  It helps to establish you as an expert, and puts the focus on you as a reviewer/brand, as opposed to Amazon reviews, which people may not associate as much with the review authors. It also serves to gather your prose/writing in one area/profile, which you can then use later on as evidence of your beautiful prose style and sparkling reviewer's wit.

At this point, you are still generally shouldering the cost of the books yourself. However, there are platforms and site such as BookSneeze, which gives free books to some bloggers in exchange for published reviews.

Personally, I recommend starting a book review blog, as you are in full control, and may even be able to monetize the site and begin earning pay for your reviews that much earlier. Also, you can then open your blog/site up to authors who are seeking reviews or doing blog tours. It might mean that you'll then start getting your books for free from the author/publishers. It also means that you'll be privy to brand new releases- ones that may not even be available to the public yet. Again, this will serve to underline you as an expert. Another bonus is that you begin to build relationships with those authors/publishers.

Often, the books that you receive from these relationships and from places like BookSneeze are Advanced Readers Copies. It is a "rough draft" of the book produced for first readers and reviewers. These ARCs costs less to produce and can be sent out early, even if the final book isn't completely done. Also, ARCs can't be sold/resold on Amazon.com. It helps keep the new releases under wraps and keeps the profits with the publisher!

If you can cultivate a relationship with a publisher at this point, you may have the good fortune of being put on their marketing/publicity list. It means that they'll send you emails or catalogs asking you which of their new releases you'd like a copy of. What a book lovers dream!

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Dynamic Cover Letters, by Katharine Hansen and Dr. Randall S. Hansen (Ten Speed). One of the best-selling books on cover letters on the market, filled with great advice and loads of sample letters — and now in its third edition!


Cover Letter Magic, by Wendy S. Enelow and Louise M. Kursmark (Jist).

Knock ’em Dead Cover Letters, by Martin Yate (Bob Adams).


15-Minute Cover Letter: Write an Effective Cover Letter Right Now, by Michael Farr (Jist). The Perfect Cover Letter, by Richard H. Beatty (Wiley).

Perfect Phrases for Cover Letters: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Writing Cover Letters that Get Noticed, by Michael Betrus (McGraw-Hill).

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