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Fashion Photography Dissertation Proposal

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Graduate and post-graduate degree courses in Fashion are for those who enjoy using their imagination and talent to create smart clothes, footwear, hats and all kinds of other unique costumes. In the degree courses, students learn how fashion is connected with style as well as fashion industry and journalism. The highly valued profession of a fashion designer needs vast knowledge in different areas such as art, cultural heritage, history, aesthetic theories. So, students are provided with a comprehensive understanding and foundation in all of these aspects under their belts. Moreover, they are expected to develop high-quality culture and fashion dissertation in the final year.

Most of the scholars face difficulties while writing a Fashion thesis due to the lack of knowledge and time. If you are wondering to produce an original piece of fashion dissertation, you have come to the right place. Here, we are providing you complete guide to write fashion thesis with a list of the best dissertation examples. It is necessary to understand the subject before you knuckle down to start writing.

Understand the Main Aspects of Fashion

Fashion is centered on the development of unique ideas. In this fascinating subject, students learn skills which are required to work in this ever-changing industry. If you have made up your mind to build a shining career as a Fashion Designer, then you must be well-acquainted with the skills that are required to build a successful career in this field. Fashion is a broad subject that includes the diversity of key areas, to know more about it, read further. Following are the areas covered by several fashion designing courses:

  • Fashion
  • Knitwear
  • Art and design
  • Textiles
  • Graphic design
  • Clothing technology
  • Fashion marketing and buying
  • Fashion designing

Fashion history has a vast sphere of research. With such a wide scope, drafting a thesis becomes a complicated task for the students. In-depth investigations are useful to make appropriate comparisons among several appearances of dress that have gone out-of-date and those that have remained same.

Fashion Dissertation Topics and Ideas by Expert Writers

Fashion is an interesting area of study, with a plenty of historical research to choose from. It is necessary to know that contemporary fashions remain same throughout the ages. Furthermore, some pieces like jacket, shoe, and hat have remained nearly unchanged in shape and pattern for a long time. If you explore the different areas of fashion, you will find a broad range of dissertation ideas. We are providing some of the best culture and fashion dissertation topics:

Fashion Photography Dissertation Topics
  • Study of graphics and other enrichment techniques used in fashion photography.
  • Celebrity and fashion photography.
  • What factors can add to the success of a fashion photography?
  • Photographic exploitation: Changing social mores
Iconography Fashion Dissertation Topics
  • What factors make a style icon?
  • Celebrity Frenzy: One Direction Boys fashion rules
  • How much are style icons responsible for introducing new trend?
  • Boy band culture and teenage fashion trends.
  • How religious beliefs and social values influence clothing styles?
  • How several style icons applied pants to form a fashion statement?
Fashion and History Dissertation Ideas and Topics
  • Evolution of style in British Royal family.
  • How clothes became a way to identify the class of a person?
  • How fashion managed the scene of clothing?
  • Graphic design and its uses in the creation of fashion clothing.
  • Fashion trends at the time of the Second World War.
  • The trend of ethnic wear in the UK.
Fashion Journalism Dissertation Topics and Ideas
  • Is Fashion Journalism biased?
  • Study of top 5 fashion blogs.
  • The role of digital media in fashion journalism.
  • How interviews change the people’s opinion towards clothing?

Mentioned above are the best Fashion dissertation topics and ideas suggested by the team of our brilliant writers. If you explore this interesting subject, you will find an array of fields and spheres to choose from. You can pick any fashion dissertation topic according to your interest and preferences.

Idea for Writing a Dissertation on Fashion

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Children’s Clothing

Children’s fashion is an incredibly imaginative and diverse market that caters for all segments of the market. On the more affordable end of the scale, second-hand clothing shops are very popular as children outgrow clothes so readily that high quality, and even new items can be bought at low prices.  At the other end of the scale, designer children’s clothing can be extremely expensive and affords a competitive market.  More than any other types of Western clothing, children’s fashion incorporates emblematic and symbolic imagery – especially relating to fairytale, folk-lore and hero worship.  Furthermore, children’s clothing has attracted some controversy in recent years due to its connection to debates about gender and sexuality. Beneath are listed some key debates, ideas and discussions which would make enjoyable and challenging fashion dissertation topics:

• The essence of the fairytale: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and the fashionable imagination.
• What is too short?  A critical analysis of debates surrounding promiscuity and children’s clothing.
• Superheroes: Symbolism and representation in fantastic fashions.
• Halloween: Fashion and the children’s’ imagination.
• Baby Boom: Post-war culture and baby fashion.
• “Everyone else is doing it so why can’t we?” An Investigation into the effects of fashion advertising on children.
• Returning to nature: The use of natural-world emblems and symbols in contemporary fashion.
• ‘All the colours of the rainbow': Exploring why colour matters to fashion.
• The origin of the motif in children’s fashion
• Chains, T-Shirts, and baggy trousers: The meaning of skateboard culture in children’s fashion
• Alice In Wonderland: The decline of the dress in girl’s fashion.
• Fairies and Pixies: Casting a spell on the creative imagination.
• Gender neutral clothing for children: Is it necessary?
• “Blue is for boys, pink is for girls”: Gender stereotyping in children’s fashion
• Is children’s fashion a reflection of present social values? Studying children’s fashion from the Victorian era to the present day

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